Become a 3@1 Franchisee Internationally

3@1 Franchisee InternationallyMaster license

The Master Licensee maintains the right to own and operate a 3@1 franchise in one or a number of countries. The master licensee will be known as the Master Franchise and will act as the head office for the area in which it operates, thereby maintaining the responsibility of using the 3@1 brand and adjusting it to fit the area in which it is situated. The Master Franchise’s responsibility will also include the development, opening and running of a pilot store, bringing about coordination amongst all involved and providing on-going support to all associate localities.

In order to develop the 3@1 brand on an international level, it is most useful and effective to make use of a Master Licensing arrangement.

Managerial competencies and investment capital will prove effective, however are not sufficient to fulfil the role of a Master licensee. One would further need to have a strong understanding for business processes, be mindful of long-term goals and be able to lead effectively.

3@1 Worldwide aligns closely with each Master licensee in order to provide training and long-term support in order to develop the business and its associates.

Thanks to the nature of franchising, the Master Licensee has the chance to develop their 3@1 network with low capital investment: the system offers the chance to generate income from the sale of the licences and royalties applied to each 3@1 store operating in your territory, in addition to proceeds from the 3@1 stores run directly by the Master Licensee.

3@1 Franchisee InternationallyArea Franchise

Be part of the growth and development of the 3@1 network in a certain geographic area. The Area Franchisee works in close contact with the Franchisor or Master Licensee, whichever is applicable, who helps with local affiliation activities. The Area Franchisee, who in turn also owns and operates one or more 3@1 stores, provides physical support and on-going assistance to the affiliates in their area.

The opportunity to begin and develop the franchise is strongly dependent on the concept and structures present in each country. Please check up on the possibilities in your country.


Own and operate a 3@1 store in your city. Franchisees receive specialised training and support from the Franchisor, Master Licensee or Area Franchisee, whichever is applicable, who are well versed in the specific nature and traits of the local market.

Franchising enables enterprising individuals to start-up their own business, without many of the usual start-up risks.

A well-known brand, a reliable organisation, constant assistance and support, on-going training and development, enhanced financing opportunities and advantageous agreements are just a few reasons to join the 3@1 network.

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